Mini Vegan Chkn + Waffles

You know that feeling when all pieces fall together serendipitously?

For example, when you wake up on a Sunday morning with a plan to just veg out at home but simultaneously want to make waffles and you’re uncertain that you have all the ingredients you need at home?

You slowly sloth into the kitchen and just start to mash bananas for your egg replacer before it dawns on you that you should really look at your recipe to confirm you’ve got everything needed. You rub your tired eyes while running down the list of ingredients, cross checking your pantry . . . . YES! *happy dance* You have all the ingredients and don’t have to run out to the corner store half dressed with disheveled hair and hoping you don’t run into anyone you know! What a relief that your plan to make waffles AND not leave the house all day worked in your favor this time around.

Who am I kidding? If I were missing an ingredient I just would default to oatmeal rather than leave the house.

Today, all the pieces fell together magically so I could make these mini vegan waffles, topped with vegan chicken strips and drizzled with maple syrup.

I truly wish I had a complete original recipe for you here but since I used an existing recipe I’m not going to pretend that I invented this one myself by just altering a few words in the instructions.


I used the Banana-Nut Waffles recipe from Veganomicon minus the walnuts that the recipe calls for.

dash-mini-waffleFor the waffle iron, I used a Dash Mini Waffle Maker. It makes super cute mini waffles and it heats the waffles evenly all around for an even cook.

I simultaneously made some waffles in my Cuisinart and they actually came out really awful! They didn’t cook evenly. The middle was raw while the bottoms burned even at a low temperature. So loving the Dash Mini Waffle Maker already!

Tip: The recipe above will make a whole lot of waffles so you can freeze the leftovers and then just throw one in the toaster on days you don’t have time to cook.


gardein-crispy-tendersI used Gardein’s Seven Grain Crispy Tenders. They’re reminiscent of chicken nuggets in texture, flavor, and breading. I cooked them up in the air fryer at 400°F for 10 minutes for the perfect crispy outside. I didn’t add any oil and threw them in the air fryer straight out of the freezer.

I absolutely love my air fryer! It’s an enormous time saver. For dinner, I often throw in cubed tofu with a dash of salt, no oil, at 390°F for 12 minutes.


This article states my personal opinion. I am not paid to review these products.

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