Top picks from Expo East

Another day, another tradeshow! What I enjoy about the East Coast events is that I get to try goodies that are only available regionally on the East. Natural Products Expo East takes place each year in Baltimore, MD and although Expo West is the larger show of the two, you’ll find regional brands that may not attend the California show.

VanLeeuwen Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

vanleeuwen-vegan-72One of my all time favorite scoop shops is VanLeeuwen and so excited to see them expanding into the retail world! They started as a small (yet very popular) food truck and they’ve opened up several scoop shops in NY and LA since. They carry a good variety of vegan flavors on any given day. Most of their flavors are pretty classic but now and then they throw in a little something creative! On a recent trip to NYC I tried their Turmeric vegan ice cream with ginger cookie pieces and OMGush it was outstanding! Upon chatting with the folks at the Expo East booth though I did learn that flavor has been discontinued because apparently people don’t care about reducing inflammation via ice cream as much as I do!

Buono Mochi Ice

buono-mochi-plainI grew up visiting the local Japanese grocery store (in San Jose, CA) and stocking up on mochi green tea ice cream (pre-vegan)! How I’ve missed mochi ice cream ever since becoming vegan until now!

Buono’s Black Sesame Mochi Ice Cream

I can’t explain how excited I was to learn that a company is making just that! Enter Buono, making a great variety of vegan coconut-based flavors including my absolute favorite: Black Sesame. OMGush. The black sesame flavor was absolute perfection. The Strawberry and Matcha flavors are already being sold at Trader Joe’s stores around the country. I sure hope that I’m able to find that Black Sesame flavor in stores soon. The only other comparable vegan Black Sesame ice cream flavor is made by Cocobella Creamery in LA but they also haven’t carried it since Cruciferous next door closed as they were making it exclusively for the restaurant. I’ll just keep looking in the meantime! Anyone have vegan black sesame ice cream recommendations out there to hold me over?

Loving Earth chocolate


lovingearth-saltedI first had the pleasure of trying lovingearth chocolate when a friend visiting Australia brought some back to the states. It is super rich, delicious and appreciate that they use fair trade chocolate. They’re not readily available in the states yet but sure do hope that changes soon! They are also one of the few vegan chocolates I’ve found that also make vegan white chocolate. Most white chocolate contains a milk or whey powder of some sort. lovingearth chocolate is all vegan, organic, soy-free, dairy-free, fair trade and they do not use cane or white refined sugar. Most importantly, they are on the “approved” Food Empowerment Project Chocolate List.

This article states my personal opinion. I am not paid to review these products.


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