Top Picks Summer Fancy Food Show


This was my first time attending the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City and how beautiful is this venue?! The Javits Center is a wonderful space with some incredible sustainability initiatives complete with a Live Green Roof Cam.


Okay, back to the vegan food (even though we know that all of this is connected)! The highlight of Summer Fancy Food Show was without a doubt Good Catch. It should come to no surprise that the Sarno brothers (of Wicked Healthy) are behind this new exciting plant based start-up.

They’re making fish-free fish that’s all vegan, plant-based and mostly made from beans. Most importantly, it’s delicious! My non-vegan friends tried it at the show and were convinced. They couldn’t tell the tuna wasn’t, well, tuna from an animal. I cannot wait for this brand to hit stores – estimated for early 2018. This is a brand to watch!


A local favorite, DF Mavens, used to have a scoop shop in NYC but now they’re making a variety of dairy-free frozen desserts for retail. Some flavors are almond-based while others are coconut-based but one thing remains true across each flavor I’ve tried – they are bursting with flavor! Pictured here is rosewater (left) and mango (right).

This article states my personal opinion. I am not paid to review these products.

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