{review} Brew Dr. Kombucha


Kombucha has exploded the last several years here in San Francisco and I imagine in many parts of the U.S. too considering it’s a household name like Beyoncé. I also don’t get out of the San Francisco Bay Area often enough to know what people like to eat or drink outside of my drought-stricken bubble.

Enter Portland, Oregon. One of the few times I did venture out. It was on this unusual yet genuinely enjoyable excursion that I discovered Brew Dr. Kombucha while perusing the options to ease my parched-self at Food Fight! Grocery.

Spiced Apple Kava was my kombucha of choice that day and it was exceptional. Although they have removed the Kava ingredient more recently, it remains one of my favorite flavors to date. Perfectly balanced with sweet and tart.

When I first sipped the unique and addictive yumminess that was the Brew Dr. it was not available in my Bay Area bubble. I could only dream of that magical time, place, and flavor for afar. I even went as far as to start brewing my own kombucha at home in an effort to recreate the limitless flavor combinations possible. I make some pretty darn good kombucha at home but there’s nothing like discovering a really good original and distinct flavor. Now Brew Dr. Kombucha is available at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco and I can drink it to my heart’s content.

I recently attended Portland’s first Vegan Beer & Food Festival and had the opportunity to sample limitless Kombucha! It was lovely to see the folks of Brew Dr. there and also enjoyed the Ginger, Love and White Rose flavors.


Thank you Portland for welcoming me into your beautiful, flat (read: walkable/bikeable) city every so often so I may sample your delicious unique kombucha brews, marionberry topped frozen yogurts, stuffed savory waffles, and everything but the kitchen sink bowls sprinkled with hazelnuts. You are something special and stay weird.

* this article is all my personal opinion and no one paid me to review the product. I review products I love & recommend.

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