Vixen Kitchen Gelato



There’s a new cashew-based frozen dessert in town! [cheer]

I first had the pleasure of sampling Vixen Kitchen‘s premium vegan gelato at San Francisco’s World Vegetarian Festival.

I sampled a few flavors that unusual yet newly typical warm San Francisco day in Golden Gate Park. The Humboldt Rocky Road, Cookies and Cream, Salted Whiskey Caramel and Midnight Mint. All were delicious in their own unique way. I especially love that there are crunchy pieces of goodness for texture. Other pros: they use maple syrup as a sweetener!

Pictured above is a delectable scoop of Salted Whiskey Caramel. I couldn’t resist. I’m such a fan of a good salty/sweet combo – it’s like an explosion of magical unicorn glitter-dust-stuff (that exists, right?!) in my mouth.


Where to buy:
Northern California – Vixen Kitchen is pretty new to the market so it’s likely not yet available in many regions or stores. Currently it appears to only be available in Northern California (Whole Foods and natural grocery stores). I had the pleasure of seeing it in Whole Foods Market (Cupertino location).

Worth requesting with your local store’s buyer.

It’s not inexpensive but it is one of the few organic cashew-based vegan frozen dessert options.



* this article is all my personal opinion and no one paid me to review the product. I review products I love & recommend.

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