Fifteen years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life. I’m sure you’ve already guessed what that is! Back then being vegan wasn’t particularly easy. Eating out was challenging, except for that one health food vegetarian cafe in the city. You know the place. They served a standard bland tofu scramble with a side of whole wheat toast. As you spread the butter on the dry toast, you hoped they had remembered to use the Earth Balance and not dairy butter. When you didn’t order the subpar tofu scramble (sometimes cubed tofu and not actually “scrambled”) you’d order the one other vegan option on the menu: the hummus plate.

The options used to be pretty limited but things sure have changed! Nowadays it’s challenging to keep track of all the vegan restaurants popping-up across the country let alone all the brands creating every vegan option imaginable! Fifteen years ago nobody knew what “vegan” meant. Today, plant-based, vegan foods are among the best performing and are trending across the globe.

About The Blog

Being vegan and sharing my vegan journey became more than just a passion project. I began working in the natural food industry over ten years ago and have worked along vegan brands since. My blog takes an insider’s perspective into this industry at times. I’ll also provide product reviews from new and upcoming vegan brands. In addition, I’ve been traveling around the country for a variety of mostly vegan-based events so I’ll share my experiences in those cities including restaurant reviews!

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